Ye, Shiwen break world record won the women's 400 meters individual medley champion


The early hours of Beijing July 29, 2012 London Olympic Games swimming competition launched the first day of the contest. Women's 400 meters individual medley, the Chinese player Ye poetry won the championship with 4 minutes 28 seconds 43 results, and create a new world record. U.S. players Bessel 4 minutes 31 seconds 27 Zhaiyin addition, a Chinese player Li Xuanxu won the bronze medal in 4 minutes and 32 seconds 91.

Women's 400 meters individual medley, the Chinese team sent the leaves of poetry and Li Xuanxu played. Poetry leaves the project in the 2011 Shanghai World Championships gold medalist, Li Xuanxu in the World Championships and Asian Games, also has a good performance, they will join a medal, even gold medal.

The end of the preliminaries, the leaf poetry 4 minutes and 31 seconds 73 results ranked second in the group, Li Xuanxu 4 minutes 34 seconds 28 results ranked fourth in the group finals, the two work together.

There are eight players of the women's 400 meters individual medley finalists, the main rival of the leaf poetry and Li Xuanxu USA contestant Elizabeth, the latter the best preliminary results, and create a new Olympic record. Additionally, Beijing Olympic champion Rice, Australia, Spain, Belmont, Hungarian star Huosi Zu, the United Kingdom Millie and the other a U.S. player Bessel into the final. The world record is 4 minutes and 29 seconds and 45 Olympic record of 4 minutes 29 seconds 45.
, Elizabeth, Huo Sizu run ahead of the start of the race, leaves poetry and Li Xuanxu and did not swim into the top three. 100 meters after the the Huo Sizu ranked first, Rice and Belmont ranking second and third leaf poetry ranked fifth in the butterfly, Li Xuanxu sixth.

After the backstroke, leaves poetry force after the 150 meters has risen to third place, followed by 50-meter backstroke, leaves poems continue to be strong, to swim to 200 meters, Huo Sizu ranked first Bessel backward 0.15 seconds, leaves poetry behind her 0.60 seconds.
The third 100 meters breaststroke, leaves poetry rhythm grasp, Bessel has more than Huosi Zu, ranked first, swim to 250 meters distance Huosi Zu, poetry leaves a gap of 0.10 seconds, after the 50 meters breaststroke, Bezier still in collar tour the state, leaves poetry ahead in the second, but backward Bezier 0.89 seconds.

The last 100 meters freestyle, the strengths of the leaf poetry, and only swim 25 meters, leaves poetry beyond the Bessel swim to 350 meters, leaves poetry leading Bessel 0.89 seconds. The last 50 meters, leaves poetry to swim faster, the firmly to the Bessel behind, won the championship on the final leaf poetry 4 minutes 28 seconds and 43 achievements, and create a new world record. Bessel and Li Xuanxu won silver and bronze medals, their results were 4 minutes, 31 seconds, 27 and 4 minutes and 32 seconds 91.