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  • judeadrian  China

    Thank you, fast delivery
  • judeadrian  China

    Arrive fast and in good condition
  • judeadrian  China

    All arrive in good condition
  • drhoades3  America

    The 3 airplanes were packaged very well by my Taobao agent, 2 (1/72 scale) arrived in perfect condition but the 3rd (the large, 1/48 scale) airplane arrived with a broken landing gear strut. This happened because the manufacturer packaged the airplane wit
  • yandeto  Australia

    Very nice! Thank you!
  • yandeto  Australia

    Thank you!
  • TmChong  America

  • yandeto  Australia

    Love the products so much, thank you!
  • yandeto  Australia

    I love the eye shadow, but the mirror is not clear.
  • yandeto  Australia

    Like the product, thank you!
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