Trendy fashion apron
Are you still rustic apron land stalls throughout the city to buy it? You are still as aprons rag use? This year, the home fashion style aboard the T-shaped, those who come out from the kitchen and the bedroom fashion, will lead this season trend.

Aprons used to prevent the dirty clothes when cooking, but now aprons with beautiful patterns, unique design, so many women reluctant to take off in the cooking apart.

The aprons finally get rid of the kitchen necessities "fate, fortunate enough to stand on fashion T-shaped. Look at the designed waist apron and embellishment of the top designers in Europe and America, is to highlight the charming waist lines, instead of cooking needs. Careful observation can be found, no matter what kind of style, the major brand designer invariably find ways to avoid the traditional apron rigid and rustic, like oblique lining the back of the circumference method, the front strap, the whole surrounded by a transparent design approach, so that apron full of fashion sense.

Fashion elements into, changing the traditional aprons and sleeve deep colors and greasy and dirty impression, as elegant Huaqun as fresh, so you wear both beautiful and gentle; apron wide hem, you can put your all wrapped in the back, allows you to dispense with concerns about oil stains on clothes behind; long thin light blue tie, arbitrarily marked with a cute bow at the waist, fashion happy "Stew" is what you .