Hot-of-season tour of Australia, shorts and short-sleeved over Christmas

        Looking at the cover thick real Santa Claus, as if the fate of the snow is the best match. Christmas gives people the feeling is always cold and romantic, but you thought about wearing shorts and short-sleeved, Christmas swim? The sun, feel-season tour to the southern hemisphere to fun Treat yourself to a busy year, is the dream of many people? Want to stay away now.

Australia-of-season tour of the hot one "summer"

       Quietly come around us in the cold winter atmosphere at the same time, the southern hemisphere's summer sun along with the perfect curtain call of the Melbourne Cup Carnival and the upcoming debut of the Sydney Festival eloquent shining into Australia, light up a field of colorful and lively summerappreciate that New Year's Eve fireworks gorgeous feast! walk in the charming scenery of Sydney Harbour and enjoy the feast of world-class art, high earthshaking rock band ... How can such a creative hot summer missing your participation. With us to leap into the deep blue, pure water swim, to colorful fish say "Hi", or in person at the scene of major events, and experience hearty, distinctive summer style!

"Walk" into the bottom of the sea, to visit the home of the "Nemo" by

        Came to the Australian summer, how can we miss is warm, is clean water, beautiful, white sandy beach and quiet, gorgeous underwater world! Kingdom surrounded by ocean, blue is always the background color herecoastline endless, meandering constantly, as if no end in sight forever. Voyage in the harbor the wind, live-Water Houseboat, in the mountains surrounded by the blue light swing canoe, bring a surfboard, bravely wrestled with the surging waves, or quietly lying on the beach, drink a glass of sweet juice is a pleasant experience!

If you want to test the waters of the mysterious creatures of the undersea world, then go to Cairns, set foot on a boat, into the world the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, and look at the winds on the east coast of Australia about more than 2000 kilometers of the world's largest coral reef. Put on diving suits, with professional divers dive to the bottom, "go home" look for the shapes of coral in the underwater world of the blue, "Nemo"! Course, you can also choose a simple snorkeling or take a glass-bottom boat through the crystal pure sea water and a variety of colorful fish and undersea creatures say "Hi", or take a helicopter overlooking the float in the blue waters of the piece of the United States breathtaking heart-shaped island