Acupuncture weight loss theory

Modern medicine is that simple obesity is more associated with endocrine disorders, a variety of hormones, especially insulin, sex hormones, adrenal cortical hormone, leptin, abnormal, through acupuncture to restore balance to the endocrine and become normal.

On the other hand, traditional Chinese medicine from the organs of dialectical analysis of the Obesity and dirty function of the liver, spleen and kidney can be achieved through acupuncture conditioning organs, the liver and spleen kidney function returned to normal.

The principles of Chinese dialectical therapy, starting from the adjustment of the endocrine, acupuncture, acupuncture therapy, neurological and endocrine function of obese adjust. Acupuncture weight loss:

The one hand to suppress the appetite of obese patients with hyperthyroidism, reduce food intake inhibition in patients with hyperthyroidism gastrointestinal digestion and absorption functions, reduce the body's absorption of energy, thereby reducing energy intake;

The other hand, can contribute to energy metabolism, increased energy consumption, promote the mobilization of body fat and fat breakdown, and ultimately to achieve their weight loss.

Acupuncture weight loss treatment that may be hand Zusanli Sanyinjiao Wind City Point, read points.

Adjust the endocrine

Acupuncture weight loss is through traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, acupuncture body acupuncture points, to adjust the endocrine role, and ultimately weight loss.

Acupuncture weight loss has many advantages, it is no pain, a significant effect need not have suffered the pain of the potential of other ways to lose weight.

Some girls to lose weight fast at the expense of body damage, the use of Chijianfeiyao, excessive dieting, strong sports, control the daily amount of drinking water the wrong approach to weight loss, let's look at these ways to lose weight in the end What are the drawbacks:

Chijianfeiyao diarrhea diuretic to lose weight quickly, but are minus the water, with water loss, body electrolyte consequent disorder, complicated by metabolic acidosis, weight loss is concerned, we can say is There are one hundred more harm than good;

Excessive dieting diet not only can not be sustained, and prone to ketoacidosis, fatigue, weakness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms;

Too strong the movement is easy to consume glucose, is not conducive to fat metabolism and futile for weight loss;

Control the amount of drinking water caused dehydration of the body, not only adverse to fat metabolism, has also increased the burden of liver and kidney in the metabolic process of the waste can not be discharged from the body, caused by the poisoning of the body's own response.

Acupuncture weight loss does not exist to these questions, so these quick weight loss methods are not desirable. We advocate that the steady speed of healthy weight loss. Acupuncture weight loss is more secure, reliable, without any damage to the human body, is a safe way to lose weight.